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Terms and Conditions

Kuality For Cleaning Services Co. has established detailed terms and conditions for the company to satisfy customers as much as possible. Please dedicate some time to read our terms and conditions below:

1. Team duties: Depending on the job type and/or size, Kuality for Cleaning Services Co. usually sends group(s) of cleaners to the client’s place; if more than one cleaner has been assigned to a job, one of them is the supervisor. If only one cleaner has been assigned to a job, that means he or she will be the sole supervisor and operator of the job under the administration of the head office. Clients are welcome to request Kuality for Cleaning Services Co. in order to assign previous cleaner(s). We try to carry out such requests, but that will not be guaranteed as promotions, vacations, illnesses, etc. have a continuous effect on our staff. The cleaner(s) would knock on the door, bell, or access points three times, if client(s) provide keys or an access code, cleaners enter the jobsite without further waiting after they knock three times; if they didn’t get access or didn’t have keys or access codes, they would get in touch with the client(s) through a call or text message, and head office would be informed directly (read more in the lockout section below). Once the cleaner(s) gain access to the job sites, they run a quick walk through the place to make sure everything is according to the details they have gained from head office. The cleaner(s) might ask for additional information and explanation regarding the job from the client. Cleaners work respectfully while they are present at the client’s place; they are prohibited from smoking, sleeping, using TVs, radios, telephones (personal use), answering doorbells, or consuming any sort of food or drink (consuming water, gum, and listening to low-volume music are optional exceptions). Their sole purpose is to perform duties and clean. We would appreciate our customers providing parking instructions at their place. However, if paid parking is available, it will be added to final bill.

2. Pet: It is the customer’s responsibility to prevent pets from any sort of escape. The cleaner(s) try to enter and exit the job site as quickly as possible; if any pets are walking freely on the jobsite, clients must inform the head office 24 hours in advance. So that the cleaner(s) take extra caution when gaining access to the client’s place, it is recommended to save pets from the jobsite until the cleaner(s) get the service done.

3. Supplies: Our company is responsible for providing any necessary cleaning supplies to cleaners. If client(s) wish cleaner(s) to use a specific product they (client) own, they should let the head office know 24 hours in advance of their service schedule in order to determine if the supply is safe to use by our cleaner(s).

4. Cleaning solutions: Kuality for Cleaning Services Co. has option to use eco-friendly and biodegradable products that are not as strong and reactive as other commercial chemical products. Our company reserves the right to use some strong chemical products for heavy-duty purposes, such as removing clogged, grease, dirt, or any impurities on which soft products have no effect. If client(s) wish cleaner(s) not to use any of the strong products, Kuality for Cleaning Services Co. would be glad to execute the request, but the result might not be satisfactory.

5. Security systems: Clients are obligated to turn the security systems and alarms off prior to the cleaners arriving at their place. Or if the client is not present at the jobsite, our office should be informed about the security codes or keys to gain access. Keys are placed in a secured key box, and codes will remain confidential. The client(s) can change the access code or keys at any time. We must be informed about any changes to the security systems if our company has an ongoing or scheduled service at the place.

6. Schedules: The cleaning is scheduled in an order that requires the least amount of drive time for each staff member. Since public factors such as traffic, road conditions, etc. are not guaranteed, we strive to be on time. but can’t guarantee the arrival time.

7. Extra work: Client(s) should let the head office know at least 24 hours in advance of their scheduled services regarding any extra work to be done in their place. We provide an over-the-phone quote, and the invoice will be adjusted once the task is accomplished.

8. Cancellations: Kuality for Cleaning Services Co. reserves the right to suspend or cancel a booking or scheduled service if there is a problem gaining access to a jobsite, issues with electricity, water supplies, or trouble working out with other contractors, service providers, or companies. We understand that client’s plans may change. To avoid any charges, client must notify our head office about any cancellations or put-offs at least 48 hours before the scheduled service time by calling/texting us at (604) 727-6961 or emailing (info@kualityclean.ca). Any delay in getting us informed about the change in your plan will result in the following charges:

9. Lockout: We strive to get in touch with clients as much as possible before and during a scheduled service. Our cleaning staff contacts the client(s) by calling or texting them at least 30 minutes before a scheduled service. They also let the client(s) know once they reached the jobsite. In rare cases, if the customer doesn’t respond to calls and texts, the cleaning staff waits 30 minutes around the jobsite in order to get a response back from the client(s). If in this time interval the cleaners don’t get any response back from the client(s), agent, or anybody else in charge of the jobsite, they have the right to leave the jobsite, and the client will be 100% charged for the service deposit. Wait times are also counted toward the scheduled service invoice, if client show up. We would highly recommend that our client(s) provide a key or access codes to Kuality For Cleaning Services Co. for the jobsite so that cleaner(s) get their area served whether they are present or not. Keys and codes are stored in safe boxes.

10. Refunds & Discounts: Since cleaning and janitorial services are personalized and subjective, Kuality For Cleaning Services Co. is not issuing refunds or discounts on the assumption of unsatisfactory service. We always strive to satisfy our customers with high-quality service. Once the cleaning process has been completed, we ask the client(s) or the people in charge of the serviced area if they want cleaners to do any other services in the area and walk them through the place to double-check if there is a neglected and unserved area that the client(s) will be billed to get cleaned. Cleaners are more than happy to clean the unserved area and deliver any concerns to the head office. Once the client(s) give verbal approval that the service has been performed successfully and the place has been cleaned, the cleaners will be advised to leave the place.
In rare cases, when the cleaning service is done and the client(s) or the people in charge of the jobsite are not present. 

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Which means if the client(s) visit the place and find out that it has not been properly serviced, then client(s) may request a finish-up cleaning, and the cleaner(s) will return and clean up a specific area if the following conditions are met:

11. Disposables & garbage: Our cleaner(s) take away what is in the garbage bins and what the client(s) has pointed out as garbage. The cleaner(s) would not throw away anything based on their assumption that it was garbage. If the garbage is more than 4 bags or bulks, extra charges may apply.

12. Items we don’t clean and interact with: We have advised our cleaning staff to avoid interacting with art and personal belongings that contain body liquids or excretions. Our staff is instructed to clean and interact around those areas. Also, the cleaning crew doesn’t vacuum and wash areas that need infestation and contain termites, ants, fleas, roaches, etc. The client(s) will be contacted if such things come up during the cleaning process. Cleaner(s) are also restricted from feeding children and pets, lifting any sort of weight if it exceeds 45 pounds, or climbing more than a four-step ladder (except for services that require special staff to perform, such as gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, etc.). Other works that are not our specialty:

13. Damage & lost property: Kuality For Cleaning Services Co. is insured and bonded. If the client(s) notice a damage to their wall, furniture, floor, paint, etc., they must let the head office know within 24 hours after the completion of their service about the matter. Otherwise, Kuality For Cleaning Services Co. will not be responsible. Also, Kuality For Cleaning Services Co. will not be responsible for any lost items in the property we serve in the past and present.
Kuality For Cleaning Services Co. will not cover clients for any pre-existing damage to their property, items that are not placed securely on the jobsite, for instance hanging pictures, marble, glass, etc.; damages to items due to a lack of proper assembly; or collapsing of surfaces such as glass, granite, or marble. And damages due to displacing an item such as appliances, furniture, etc. If client owns any valuables, fragile, or heirloom, we strongly recommend keeping them safe and away from sight and reach. Cleaning staff will notify clients if they notice anything has been broken or damaged. If clients wish not to clean a specific surface or item, they must inform our head office, or if they are present at the jobsite, inform the cleaner(s) before they begin working.

14. Payments and penalties: Kuality For Cleaning Services Co. may require a credit card on file for each client. It can only be used for assurance. Clients can retrieve and remove it at any time by contacting the head office through (email, mail, or phone) if only client(s) has no remaining balance to be billed. 

Kuality For Cleaning Services Co. accepts most payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, e-transfer, online payments, or cash. If Client wish to pay by Credit, debit, invoice and payments over the phone which/or require a POS machine to complete the payment, a service fee of 2.9% per transaction will be added to their bill.
The client(s) are recommended to pay the whole amount right after the service has been done. They can also pay within 30 days of completing the service. If the client(s) doesn’t pay for the service within this time interval, our office will try to contact them through their preferred contact method on file to sort it out. If we get no response, Kuality For Cleaning Services Co. has the right to charge their credit card on file with the whole balance. If we can’t charge through their credit card, they will incur a 5% monthly penalty, and this penalty will increase by 5% each subsequent month until the client pays off the account balance.

15. Having business relations with Kuality For Cleaning Services Co.’s employees: Like most janitorial businesses in the market, employees of our company have signed a non-complete job agreement in the hiring process. Our clients are prevented from hiring Kuality For Cleaning Services Co.’s previous and current team members for any cleaning-related work for a period of not less than 24 months from the date the employee last worked with Kuality For Cleaning Services unless the past or current employee presents a written consent form from our head office or a proof of a paid termination amount of $2500.00 CAD collected by Kuality For Cleaning Services Co.’s accounting department. Also, our employees are prohibited from soliciting business from any current customers on their behalf or on behalf of a third party during their contract with Kuality For Cleaning Services Co. or for 24 months following contract termination from Kuality For Cleaning Services Co. Also, our employees must pay a placement fee of the same amount above if they decide to work in any janitorial field for current or past clients or parties that Kuality For Cleaning Services Co. worked for.

16. Media records: Kuality For Cleaning Services Co. might record or/and take pictures and videos before, after and throughout the cleaning process. These records might be used for advertisement purposes. Phone numbers, addresses and personal information of the client(s) are strictly confidential.

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